Secretaries of State Since WWII

This section gives information on each Secretary of State since World War II.  In addition to brief text and references, video clips on several are also included.



George Pratt Shultz -- 1982-1989

Before becoming Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan, George Shultz had served in the Nixon administration as Secretary of Labor, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, (OMB) and Secretary of the Treasury. Known for his ability to effect compromises, he was generally seen as a “dove” within the more hawkish Reagan administration, and strongly opposed the “arms for hostages” machinations run out of the National Security Council that became known as the “Iran-Contra” scandal. He was held in high esteem within the State Department, which praised his public threat to resign his position rather than take a lie detector test. In recognition of his successful leadership in the relocation of the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) to its present site, the entire facility is officially called the George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center (NFATC)

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