State Department Work Abroad

This section deals with U.S. diplomatic missions in the field. It includes not only the State Department personnel likely to be found at an embassy of substantial size but also what is called the “Country Team” and other Congressionally funded organizations that may be part of the U.S. official or quasi-official presence in a foreign country.

American official missions fall into one of three categories: embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions to international organizations. Many of our diplomatic missions are to international organizations associated with the United Nations. Embassies are headed by ambassadors, consulates are headed by consuls or consul generals, and diplomatic missions are usually headed by ambassadors as well. Cities with international organizations, such as Brussels or Paris, may have two or more ambassadors in the city, but only one ambassador accredited as the President’s representative assigned to the government of that country; the other is the President’s representative to the international organization.

Information on overseas U.S. missions can be obtained by contacting the mission directly, or by using the Department of State website. Organized by region, this website hosts links to all U.S. embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions abroad.